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The term motorization covers all matters relating to cars, motorbikes and tractors. The beginning of automotive issues appeared with the invention of the wheel, which took place several thousand years before our era. From that time, man began to use wheeled vehicles that were powered by animal energy. In the 15th century, car designs were initiated that no longer needed the use of horse power. The breakthrough moment was the documented construction of a vehicle powered by a steam engine. Since then, many designers have worked hard to build and improve their designs. The nineteenth century brought many economic and development changes, the era of the world economy began -  thanks to the expansion of transport, which was directly influenced by the production of combustion and electric cars. Cars were quickly accepted by society as an alternative means of transport to horses. The main reason for this change was the increasing problem with horse droppings and the unpleasant smell in developing cities. Mass production of cars began in the 20th century, when the first car manufacturing company was established and the assembly line was launched for the first time in the world. Initially, cars were a luxury good for the wealthy few because of their high cost of production. With the development of mass business, the unit cost of a car began to decline, which made cars more accessible to the population. Currently, the high mobility of society is one of the attributes of the current era and none of us can imagine not having our own car. Thanks to this facility, we are independent in terms of space and time.

Additional equipment of cars are various types of accessories, the purpose of which is to increase the attractiveness and functionality of the vehicle.

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