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The set of rules defining safe and hygienic performance of work, commonly referred to in short as OHS, is a field of knowledge that covers the development of proper working conditions. These principles are applied to ensure safe performance of work in hygienic conditions. In practice, security terminology can be understood differently, which may mean keeping a hazard under control, a low level of risk that may be acceptable, or a state consistent with a safety standard. A common phenomenon in organizations today is the management of occupational health and safety by means of ISO standards that set standards for products, services and management systems to facilitate international trade. Due to the provision of safe work, both employees and employers have numerous obligations to each other. The main duty of the workplace is to provide appropriate working conditions in which employees can safely perform their tasks without harming their own health. The implementation of this principle depends not only on the employer, but also on the training and conduct of the employees themselves. The employer, on the other hand, is obliged to provide protection measures that will ensure the protection of employees' health and life in the working environment, the harmfulness of which cannot be neutralized. Health and safety benefits include, among others, individual or collective protection measures, i.e. clothing that protects all parts of the body, work shoes, maintenance of workwear, training in the area of ​​occupational health and safety, hygiene measures, health protection and medical examinations. The purpose of using protective clothing is to protect yourself during work against the effects of hazardous or harmful factors (chemical, biological, mechanical, thermal, electromagnetic, atmospheric, etc.) and to prevent possible injuries to the body.

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