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A chest, understood as a piece of furniture, accompanies people in everyday life from the earliest times. It was used to store various items both at home and while traveling. Over the centuries, it has come in many varieties. In ancient Egypt and Greece, the chest assumed a simple architectural form. With the passage of time, the chests were more and more beautifully decorated, they were also a valuable dowry of maidens and, perhaps surprisingly, they also served as cash registers and vaults closed with large locks. The methods of making the construction of the crates and decorations were taken from the folk culture characteristic for a given region. The chest gave rise to many varieties of furniture in the modern era, on the basis of its structure was a sideboard, wardrobe or chest of drawers. Later centuries displaced chests from living rooms, which were replaced with other pieces of furniture. Trunks and suitcases took over the function of the chest. More and more often, however, chests come back into favor and are a fashionable place to store rarely used items such as shoes, seasonal clothes or Christmas decorations, therefore they are an element decorating the apartment and attracting the attention of guests. Currently, the concept of a crate is associated more with a type of packaging used for the transport of goods or storage of items than with furniture. Their appearance and functionality resemble containers that are used to store things. Nowadays, there are containers of various sizes and shapes, they can be a kind of organizers, which make it very easy to keep order both among small things and objects with larger dimensions.

The industrial commodity category includes all items of trade that are not classified in other subcategories. In this section you can find high-quality products of Polish origin, such linesboxes, containers and all kinds of organizers as well as other items necessary in the household.

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