Double-sided car sponge, collective packaging 30 pieces

Reference: 3012030-005088

Composition: polyurethane foam

The price is for the purchase of 1 set of 30 pieces.

Group of products: Household items YK - 01257
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Product type Car accessories

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A 2-in-1 product - two different sponges in one, On the one hand, a yellow sponge with a slightly porous structure that gently cleans the car body and plows car windows. On the other hand - a gray sponge with a fairly porous structure, made of a special material, for removing stronger dirt [insects, dried mud] or for washing rims. Both types of foams perfectly collect dirt without spreading it on the cleaned surface. Both one and the second layer of the sponge do not scratch the cleaned surface! , They do not leave streaks., Foam very well, minimizing the use of chemicals for washing the car., Rinses well and dries quickly., The popular, classic shape of the sponge is dedicated to washing passenger cars., When washing the car by hand, it is recommended to use 2 buckets [so-called . two-bucket method]. This means that in one bucket we rinse the sponge from dirt, and in the other we soak it in water with a cleaning agent. , We recommend a wide range of York buckets, which are perfect for washing cars, and also serve as convenient containers for car washing accessories, We recommend trying the entire range of car care products.

Take care of your car with us!

Multifunctional 2 in 1 car sponge - for washing and removing heavy dirt.

Double-sided car sponge is a comprehensive tool for car care. One product is enough to clean even a heavily soiled car.

The yellow side with a slightly porous structure gently cleans the bodywork and car windows.

The gray part has a highly porous structure and is made of a special material designed to remove stronger dirt (e.g. insects, dried mud). It can also be used to clean rims.

Both sponges were designed with a delicate car paint in mind. Therefore, when cleaning, you do not have to worry about any scratches on the car body.

Each side perfectly collects dirt without spreading it over the cleaned surface.

They foam very well, minimizing the use of chemicals for washing the car.

The sponge does not leave streaks, rinses well and dries quickly.

The classic shape of the sponge, which ensures comfort in use, is dedicated to washing passenger cars.