1. Why can't I see the prices?

  • Due to the nature of the warehouse, prices are visible only after logging in.

2. How can I log in to the website?

3. I do not run a business. How can I see prices and place an order?

  • Unfortunately, we do not sell retail and we do not provide information such as prices or discounts.

4. How to place an order with you?

  • If your account has already been created, all you need to do is log in and you can immediately browse the resources of our warehouse with prices. Once you have created the basket, please provide all the necessary contact information, choose a delivery method and a payment method. At this stage of placing the order, it is not yet binding information, because only after we have completed your order, we send you the pro-form for your approval. Once all the details have been agreed, you make the transfer and we will send you to the address provided by you. The second method of placing orders is to prepare it based on price lists, access to which we provide along with the terms of cooperation. You mark the item you are interested in in the price list with the quantities and send us the file in an e-mail.

5. Where can I find the transfer details?

  • You will receive all the data necessary to make the transfer with the pro-forma invoice.

6. How long does it take to process my order?

  • We always try to shorten the waiting time as much as possible. The order is usually processed within 3 to 5 business days.

7. What means of transport do you use?

  • We use the services of two leading courier companies, DPD and Raben.

8. What are the shipping costs?

  • Each shipment is priced individually to get the best price for the customer. Due to the continuous shipment to 10 countries, including non-EU countries, we have signed favorable agreements that allow us to significantly reduce shipping costs. Along with the terms of cooperation, each new customer receives an exemplary valuation of transport costs including his delivery address.

9. How are shipments prepared?

  • Before shipment, each order is double-checked quantitatively and qualitatively. It is carefully packed in collective packaging, and then, if required, placed on a pallet and carefully secured. We still haven't convinced you? I invite you to a short film presenting the packaging in our company and what kind of shipment you can expect from us.

10. I haven't checked your offer yet. Will I find anything that interests me here?

  • We offer about 40 producers, not only domestic but also recognized foreign brands. You will certainly find something for yourself.

11. I ordered goods from several manufacturers. What is the invoicing and payment process?

  • The undoubted advantage of cooperation with our wholesaler is a simple rule: one order, one invoice, one payment, one shipment. In this way, you significantly minimize the costs of transport.

12. I have additional questions for you. How can I contact you?