Cooperation with us and its values

In the "Free quote" section, we have listed the basic values on which our company is based. However, below we will present and develop their meaning in more detail.

Better to do everything in one place

In our warehouse, the customer can place one order of goods of different brands, which allows for a convenient selection of a diverse range of products and significantly saves time.

The principle of four ones, which means first and foremost savings

The fundamental advantage of working with us is, above all, the "four 1s" principle, which consists in one order, invoice, payment and shipment. This means saving our customers time and money, which is our priority! Thanks to many years of cooperation with trusted carriers, we provide attractive transport costs, which is of great importance especially when shipping abroad.

We are happy to help at every stage of the order, and all formalities are handled with one specialist, which eliminates the risk of mistakes.

You will always find a common language with us

The basis of a successful purchasing process is effective communication. We provide various forms of contact and placing orders, so that everyone can find the most convenient one for themselves. In order to facilitate the exchange of information for foreign entrepreneurs, we offer contact via e-mail, Messenger or WhatsApp.

So that every customer can keep up to date with news and promotions, we also offer many opportunities to receive newsletters and commercial materials. This can be done via email or social media, including Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp.

Are these all the values?

Our overriding value is customer satisfaction, which is why we always make every effort to ensure that each order reaches its destination in perfect condition. We carry out increased controls over the process of packaging products and transport. Attention to the smallest details is something that distinguishes us from the competition. During mass production, there are damaged goods or goods with certain defects, and producers do not always pay attention to this. Therefore, out of concern for our customers, we always make sure that the goods received are of full value. Saving time, money and unnecessary stress is always praised by our long-term partners! In the section "About us" you can get more details about safe packing.

Maybe you will also add products to my online store?

Why not? On our partner website Ewita Group, we offer all e-commerce support services for enterprises. We digitize products in various online sales systems, e.g. PrestaShop or WooCommerce. At the client's request, we create product catalogs, moreover, in the case of the previously mentioned Presta version, we can also provide our proprietary tool for updating inventory and prices in the online store.

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