Cooperation with us and its values

In the "Free quote" section, we have listed the basic values on which our company is based. However, below we will present and develop their meaning in more detail.

Better to do everything in one place

In the case of a large selection of assortments from different companies within one warehouse, the customer does not have to place an order in several places. Thanks to us, it is enough to do it once, which saves time, but not only that, more on that later in the text.

The principle of four ones, which means first and foremost savings

One of the fundamental advantages of working with us is the "four ones" principle, ie one order, one invoice, one payment and one shipment. It seems quite obvious, but it is worth explaining why it is so important due to the decision to start cooperation with us. Generally speaking, in the case of this principle, the leading advantage is the generally understood economy.

First of all, the aforementioned time savings, because when shopping in one place, the customer minimizes the time needed to interact with a potential contractor. Order, pro-forma, proper invoice, shipping - all these issues are usually dealt with by the customer with one specialist who is well-versed in the subject and will be able to help with all matters related to the order.

The payment process can also be an advantage here in cooperation with our wholesaler. One invoice is one payment, and thus, less unnecessary banking operations and, as a result, less stress, because who likes to make a lot of transfers?

Second, for some the most important - saving money. It results from the simple fact that, within one order, the customer can choose from a multitude of products from different brands. When he does not pick up on site, the goods must be dispatched. Savings come from the ability to pack everything in one shipment, which drastically reduces transport costs.

Lower transport costs are always a good solution and a valuable element of value

Previously, one shipment per order was mentioned. What if we add information about very competitive transport costs? Working for many years with our carriers, we have negotiated really favorable terms of cooperation, allowing us to significantly reduce the price.

You will always find a common language with us

The basis of a successful purchasing process is effective communication. Thanks to cooperation with us, it takes place with one entity and on a multi-channel basis. The customer may wish, for example, to be contacted by phone. But what if it is not possible to conduct international talks? Here, contact by e-mail or via instant messaging, such as Messenger and Whatsapp, comes in handy. We will always find a way to exchange information effectively. The same applies to the receipt of newsletters and commercial material. This can be done via email or social media, including Facebook, Instagram or the previously mentioned Whatsapp.

Are these all the values?

Equally important values are increased control and safe packing of goods before shipment. This is something that can make us very different from the competition. It is known that in the course of mass production there are goods that are damaged or with some defects. Manufacturers often do not pay attention to it during the packaging process. We, on the other hand, check the goods at our place so that the customer gets only a full-fledged product. And when the customer receives exactly what he ordered, additionally in perfect condition, we save him and ourselves unnecessary stresses related to the complaint process and the customer does not lose time and money in connection with the goods that he cannot sell due to damage. In the section "About us" you can get more details about safe packing.

Maybe you will also introduce products to my online store?

Why not? As part of our Ewita Group activity, we offer such a service and it can easily be counted among our values. We digitize products in various online sales systems, such as PrestaShop or WooCommer, among others. At the client's request, we will create a product catalog and in the case of the previously mentioned Presta, we can also provide our proprietary tool for updating stock levels and prices in the online store. Based on our experience, we can ensure a huge time savings, which is so important in the case of e-commerce.

If you still have doubts or want to discuss the issues that bother you with our specialists, ask for a free consultation to find out how our offer may be beneficial for you.

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