What can we do for you

What can we do for you

Successful international cooperation

I am the owner of a German online store and some time ago I was looking for a new and cheaper product to supplement my offer. After I combed the web, it turned out that ordering the goods I wanted is moderately profitable in German wholesalers. I was looking on foreign websites and finally I found the Polish wholesaler Amdoko. I filled out the contact form and within 2 days I got a sample offer. After analyzing the prices and shipping costs, it turned out that I can save a lot of money in the company's budget.

The big advantage is that you can order complete goods in one place and everything is on one invoice. Thanks to the considerable discounts, I could afford to impose a decent margin, and the price for the client was still competitive. Despite the fact that the shipping is international, the packages always arrived within a few days. There has never been a situation in which the goods arrived damaged or defective. The service was always competent and willing to help, despite the language barrier it was always possible to get along without any problems.

Well-run e-commerce works wonders

When sales increased, I had to think about fine-tuning the online store. Unfortunately, I never had the head to make all the changes manually. I just didn't have time for it, so I outsourced everything to external companies, but I wasn't always satisfied with the end result. In an accidental conversation with an Amdoko consultant, it turned out that their second company - Ewita Group offers support for online business. I didn't know exactly what needed to be improved in my shop, but the experts analyzed everything from the technical point of view and they knew what needed to be done.

First of all, they improved positioning, changed the graphic design to a more aesthetic one and updated the entire assortment. I was also offered to run social profiles, which I was never convinced of. It turned out that I just couldn't use them to their potential. The Ewita team created everything from scratch and launched advertising campaigns, which additionally boosted sales and attracted a lot of new customers.

A few words to conclude

At the beginning I was afraid of cooperation with a wholesaler from another country, but I admit that I am positively surprised. This is the first time I have dealt with a company where everything can be done so comprehensively and professionally. I am very pleased with the overall cooperation and I am always happy to recommend services that I trust 100%.

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