The history of the hotel in Bratislava - successful cooperation

How I found the Amdoko warehouse - initial cooperation

My name is Albert and I have been running a small hotel in Bratislava for 7 years. Two years ago, I started struggling with the profitability of my hotel. It resulted from a lot of competition and rising costs of guest service.

The prices of all products such as new sheets, towels and bathroom accessories skyrocketed in a short time, and I still wanted to maintain quality and not have to add to the business. Looking for a solution on how to optimize the budget, I came across the Amdoko wholesaler. It quickly turned out that it was a bull's-eye and that's how our permanent cooperation began.

Despite the language differences, there was never a problem with communication and there were no mistakes in orders. Everything I bought was well packed and without any damage. The prices have always been sensational. I had no chance to get the same products at a lower cost in my country. Sometimes, when something was missing from the offer, the company arranged for me goods outside the regular offer on request. I could choose everything I needed, including colors and sizes.

Professional website update

Another problem for me has always been the hotel's website. It was made at the beginning of the business and after a few years it was already very outdated. I knew it was one of the most important things in running a business, but I could never find the time to modernize it, and I wasn't really familiar with it. When Amdoko offered me that their marketing department would take care of it, I immediately agreed. The site now looks much nicer and more modern, and it opens well on mobile devices. Customers can easily find my hotel on the web and book a date of stay.

Constant cooperation

Amdoko surprised me positively from the very beginning, I appreciate the comprehensiveness and reliability of this company. I am very pleased with the way our two-year cooperation is going. Certainly, with such a good value for money, I will use the offer for a long time.

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