Preparation of shipments for transport

See how we pack your parcel

We carefully check the quantity and quality of all ordered products. We make every effort to ensure that each customer gets a full-fledged product, without having to worry about shortages or damage. When all goods are checked, any defective products are rejected and replaced with full-fledged items.

Parcel packing

Rejection of damaged articles

In the packaging process, we pay special attention to the types of goods, so that each element has the right place and is properly secured. If the situation requires it, we put the goods on a pallet to additionally protect them from mechanical damage and facilitate transport.

Preparation of the order for transport

See how we prepare shipments for transport in the video below and see why it is worth working with us!

Youtube - Packing and shipping orders

Packing and shipping orders at Amdoko wholesaler

Tiktok - Preparing products for shipment

Preparing products for shipment at Amdoko wholesaler

Tiktok - Delivering shipments using our own means of transport

Delivering shipments at Amdoko wholesaler

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