We will increase your competitiveness!

  • A large selection of assortment in one warehouse
  • One order, one invoice, one payment, one shipping
  • Favorable shipping prices
  • Multi-channel communication capability
  • Inspection and safe packing of goods before shipment

That's not all. As part of the support, we also offer the creation and maintenance of websites, as well as digitization of the purchased assortment, i.e. adding it to your online store and other services that can be checked on the Ewita Group website.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions regarding our B2B offering, feel free to ask our experts! Our team provides free consultations for small, medium, and larger businesses. A free consultation is a great opportunity to discuss any issues related to product offerings, sales strategy, or marketing!

What questions to ask?

  • Which products are most suitable for my business?
  • How can I reduce operating costs and save more money?
  • How is delivery carried out?
  • Can I order goods outside of the regular offer?
  • How will you help me stand out among similar companies in the market?

Who do we most frequently collaborate with?

We have extensive industry experience, serving clients including retail stores, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, as well as fitness clubs, hotels, and restaurants.

Who will provide answers to your questions?

After placing an order for a free consultation, our office will contact you to gather more information about your needs and schedule a convenient time for a discussion with our expert. Each consultation is conducted by our in-house consultant, who utilizes their experience and knowledge.

How can we help you find a supplier in Poland?

We will take care of the entire transportation process from A to Z:

  • We will arrange the necessary documents
  • We will assist in establishing cooperation with reliable transport companies
  • We will ensure compliance with all legal and tax formalities

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