A plastic bucket is an indispensable element of household equipment. It also cannot be missing in the garden.

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Product type Wyroby plastikowe

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Made for a solid job

Thick-walled plastic buckets with a capacity of 5 and 14 liters are made of high-quality plastic.

Each bucket made of plastic is characterized by high strength and resistance to mechanical damage and the action of harmful external factors.

All bucket models are equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy portability and transport.

Among our plastic buckets, we have models with a practical "spout", adapted to pouring liquids and pouring loose materials.

Our buckets are irreplaceable:

  •      in production plants
  •      in workshops
  •      in households
  •      in farms
  •      during all cleaning activities
  •      during renovation and construction works

Color palette: mix of colors, no repeatability