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The ubiquitous concept of fashion characterizes the members of a given community. For centuries, clothing, apart from its original function of protection against the cold, fulfills many other purposes, such as the need to decorate and stand out, express one's social position, present the worldview or ideology. The genesis of fashion goes back to the early Renaissance, when in Italian cities there was a rivalry between the bourgeoisie and the aristocracy.Higher social classes expressed their social status through fashion, and thus were more sensitive to it.

The most visible influence of fashion can be seen in the way people dress, groom, make-up, etc., but it also affects all areas of modern society, which tend to value the new as opposed to the traditional. Fashion is always created by a group that gives rise to imitation of forms of clothing.

Textiles and clothing show the technologies and materials available in different civilizations at different times. Their diversity in society is also revealed by culture and social customs. Wearing clothes is a feature of most human societies. Men and women started wearing clothes after the last Ice Age. Anthropologists take the view that animal vegetation and skins have been adapted as coverings as protection against heat, rain and cold, especially as people migrated to a new climate.

From ancient times to the present day, the methods of producing clothing have constantly evolved, and the choice of textiles available influenced how people dressed, decorated their surroundings, and carried their belongings.

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