The free time that each person has, after fulfilling their duties related to everyday life, study or work, is often spent on recreation, i.e. a form of physical or mental activity used for entertainment and relaxation. The concept of free time appeared in industrial society after the industrial revolution. During this period, the number of people working in agriculture decreased, and the dominant role was played by industry, which contributed to the increase in productivity, improved living conditions and urbanization. It was then that time off work began to be distinguished, which was directly influenced by a different place of work from the place of residence.

The organization of free time depends on the interests and preferences of a given person, their age, type of professional work and financial possibilities. Patterns of spending free time are also often passed on by the family or a group of peers. Undeveloped time is usually spent on various types of hobbies, i.e. love for something, performing activities for relaxation. Hobbies may be related to acquiring knowledge in a specific field, improving their skills, and may also be profit-making - provided that the main goal of enjoying these tasks is maintained. Examples of types of hobbies are artistic activities such as dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or painting, technical tasks - including modeling, DIY, recreational - fishing, hunting, sports and others - for example traveling, reading books or playing computer games.

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