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About us Michał Michalczyk

Michał Michalczyk - owner of Amdoko brand

Commitment, honesty, care for relationships, persistent (or maybe even stubborn?) pursuit of the goal - this is how I could describe my approach to business in a few words. I have been learning it over the years, drawing conclusions from mistakes and breaking down the mechanisms of success.

For over 15 years I have been developing my family business: the Ewita Fishing wholesale and then the multi-branch Amdoko, in which I acted primarily as a manager sale. I took care to provide the customer with the highest possible quality at the best price and I watched over the speed and quality of delivery.

In 2021, I also started to realize myself in another project - my own Ewita Group company, in which I support entrepreneurs from various industries, offering them modern business services: creating websites and online stores, copywriting, translations, production of advertising materials, or organization of transport, packaging and containers.

By taking over the Ewitafishing and Amdoko warehouses, which entered as part of Ewita Group at the end of 2022, I successfully increased the competitiveness of my brand, while enabling my clients to access a more comprehensive offer within one company.

I know perfectly well how extremely the day can be reduced when running your own business . In the rush of everyday matters, there is no time for the most important thing: development. Therefore, I would like to give entrepreneurs who decide to cooperate with Ewita Group this time by offering them comprehensive solutions in one place.

In all business activities, relationships are invariably important to me. I was connected with many of my clients by a passion: extreme sports. We know and trust each other, not only in sport, but also in the professional field, and this always results in success. Over the years of operating in the import and export of goods, I have built similar relationships with suppliers Ewita Fishing and Amdoko.

If you feel that in business we are guided by similar values - I cordially invite you to my Network. Or maybe soon and cooperation?

Please contact me: office@ewitagroup.eu

A few words about us

The history of our company began in the 1960s, when we started production in the furniture industry. In the 1980s, we started exporting our goods to eastern Germany, and over time the company turned into an international trading company. We operate in the European Union and outside it, importing and exporting goods from the footwear, tourism, sports, and fishing industries, as well as fish feed. We are constantly expanding our assortment with products from other industries, and at the customer's request, we also organize goods outside the regular offer! Our clients include other smaller wholesalers, specialist and convenience stores, schools, hospitals and hotels.

In our rich assortment you will find, among others:

  • construction materials;
  • interior design elements;
  • gardening accessories;
  • articles for women, men and children;
  • industrial goods, protective equipment;
  • something for hobbies.

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What makes us stand out in the market

Are you an entrepreneur and are you looking for products for your business in the best quality and price? Our professionals will examine your needs and expectations, and then advise you on the most advantageous offer.

We operate on a global scale! As a company with many years of experience, we have a high position on the international market. We export goods throughout the European Union and beyond its borders. We offer a complete service together with the organization of transport, which saves time and money for our customers!

We have an offer of as many as 70 manufacturers in one place, so you can make the necessary purchases at an express pace.

Fast and safe transport. During the packaging process, we make every effort to ensure that shipments are delivered in perfect condition. We only use the services of trusted courier companies.

We also export to the UK! Despite the complicated export procedures related to Brexit, we have mastered all the formalities that we must take into account when shipping goods.

We serve our customers from outside the EU both under the Tax Free system and export.

As part of the support, we also offer digitization of the purchased assortment, i.e. introducing it to your online store and other e-commerce support services that can be checked on the website Ewita Group.

Want to know more? Ask for a free offer and see how cooperation with us will be beneficial for you!

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