About us

The history of our family company dates back to the 1960s when we started our first production activity in the field of the furniture industry. The eighties were the beginning of export of goods manufactured by us to the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik - German Democratic Republic, the official German name of East Germany), which at that time was quite a big achievement. The company has transformed into a European trade company. Currently, we stay in touch with many suppliers and recipients from the European Union, as well as from outside it. We import and export goods from the footwear, tourism, sports and fishing industries, as well as fish feed. Because of our extensive experience in trade, and logistics and storage capabilities, we are constantly broadening our offer by adding products from other industries.

We emphasize that the goods we offer come directly from Polish producers. They are becoming more and more popular because of their high quality and very good prices. By choosing our services you are saving your valuable time for we provide a wide range of goods in one place. We also reduce your logistics costs by providing a comprehensive service including transport organization.

Check our offer and become one of our satisfied clients.

1. As a company with many years of experience, we are constantly developing our position on the international market. The products we offer are exported not only throughout the European Union, but also beyond its borders. The practice of importing goods from countries not belonging to the European Community allowed for the development of procedures for making transactions on a global scale.

2. Our company provides sales services of the highest quality products exclusively from Polish producers, thanks to which, combined with professional service, it gains great trust among both customers and business partners. The goods we offer come from various manufacturers, but we are their distributors, which means that our clients have a huge selection of various types of products in one place.

3. During the packaging process, we make every effort to ensure that the parcels are delivered undamaged, and due to the fact that we use only the services of leading courier companies, they arrive on time.

4. Despite the unfavorable situation related to the complexity of export procedures and obstacles to the flow of goods to Great Britain resulting from Brexit, we managed to maintain the export of products to this country. We have mastered all the changes and additional steps that we need to take into account when shipping goods to the UK.

5. As a dynamically developing company, we serve our clients from outside the EU both under the Tax Free and export system.