Dyneema® Diamond Technology gloves

Dyneema® Diamond Technology gloves


Raw materials: Dyneema® Diamond Technology, polyamide

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Group of products: Safety gloves JSGS - 01256
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Product type Protective gloves

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High resistance to cutting and abrasion
We present a new line of knitted, seamless protective gloves, designed with the use of Dyneema® Diamond Technology fiber to ensure the highest protective parameters, guaranteeing a much longer use time and exceptional comfort and dexterity of work. Dyneema® Diamond Technology is an improved Dyneema® fiber that significantly increases the cut resistance of the gloves without the use of glass fiber. They are widely used wherever there is manipulation of objects with sharp edges, in positions where increased resistance to abrasion is required and in heavier and lighter assembly works.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM.

- cut resistance level 5
- puncture resistance level 3
- abrasion resistance level 3
- extended use time
- seamless construction, no glass fiber
- thin, gauge 13
- flexible, fits the hand very well
- very good dexterity and high comfort of use
- they pass air freely
- can be used interchangeably left / right

- sheet metal work
- assembly work in the household appliances industry
- production of vehicles and machines
- repair and maintenance of vehicles and machines
- construction industry
- wiring
- glass and paper industry
- metal processing